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We cater to individuals with special dietary needs. Whether it be low sodium or sugar free, we will work to provide the most delicious meals that meet your nurishment requirements.

Our dietary services provide enhanced meals to aid in proper nutrition. We place much emphasis on providing well-balanced, highly nutritious meals to our residents, while only using the freshest ingredients.

Unlike many other Assisted Living Centers, we go the extra mile to create an “at home” feeling during lunch and dinner time. Colorful flowers give our residents a unique dining experience. Occasional candlelight dinners create an atmosphere that our residents have come to enjoy.

Soft serve ice cream and snacks are also available.
Our dietary program remains the best in the industry!

A good meal not only nourishes the body but the soul as well. We understand that dining is a social experience, not one that just satisfies the appetite. Our chefs put the extra touch into creating delicious meals while our dining staff fashions an atmosphere fit for social engagment.


~ Three home cooked family style meals

~ Daily coffee breaks and snacks

~ Holiday and special occasion dining


We extend the invitiation for you to join us to sample the dining experience. Feel free to contact us to arrange a time for your tour of our facility and to join us for dinner!